South Elementary-6th Grade 1956 Christmas Queen Ceremony

Br: Arvol Brown

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Bekki, Jackie and all our South Elementary Gang (mainly those in our Generation MHS/LHS class of 63 … I too,  Like Bill Bearden, a 1st through 6th Grader Friend, went to South Elementary and also did my 3rd grade year in “The OLD 2 story Red School building. A “Flash Memory” … My “Cheat sheet” Program as Master Ceremony 6th Grade 1956 Christmas Queen Ceremony.  how many names here do you remember that went on to be our High School classmates……..  like… Dorothy Dorman , Don Williams, and “OUR QUEEN” Dorothy Johnson escorted By David Cavitt .. And Special …. Douglas Barker Doing his Rendition and lip singing …. “Douglas, “Elvis, The Hound Dog” 

I Will Never Forget How Anna and I Met…..

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Written by: Arvol R. Brown (MHS 1963)

    It was Summer of 62 after my Junior year…. My Parents and Mike Murphy’s Parents were both on vacation (Coincidently at the same time for 2 weeks.)  It was two weeks of constant partying with my buds , Mike Murphy, George McBride, and John “Little John” McElligott,  between My house and Mike Murphey’s house….  One night, We were at A&W out on North Big Springs.  Kenny King pulled up Next to Us in his 57 Chevy and he had a Blonde “Chick”  (Anna) in the car with him… we started trash “Car” talking and I challenged Him to a race… for Money .. enough to buy US a couple cases of beer… We drove to Fairground Road  to drag race,  We both put up the money, and I took the money .  Anna got out of the car and I was standing next to her… As They lined up to race.. I looked at Anna (Love at first site) LOL…. I told her, “Here,  I’m going to let you hold the Money”…. Well, George Beat Kenny with his little hot rod 56 Ford Fairlane…  Told Anna … “Thank you ..  Sorry, but I’ll take the money, and Hey, We are having a party at (gave her address) at Mike Murphy’s house… Why don’t you come over…I FELT WE BOTH “CLICKED THAT NIGHT… .  Wasn’t surprised they didn’t show after HE LOST THE RACE…. 

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Living in a Military Town

Submitted by Pete Creasey via internet article

Eglin Joint Base Command located near Ft. Walton, Florida, is presently the largest Military Complex in the world and encompasses a large
contingent of Air Force units, Naval Warfare units, and the 7th Army Special Forces and 6th Army Rangers.
My home is exactly 5 miles outside the main gate of Eglin AFB.
Most folks in the USA don’t live in a Military Town, with lots of guys in uniform walking the streets and jets overhead daily. They go on with their lives unaware
of what a Military Town is all about. And that’s OK…but I want to share with you what it’s like to live in a Military Town. We see guys in uniform all the time, we have state of the art, high-performance aircraft in the air nearby all day long. We hear the
SOUND OF FREEDOM when an F-22 or F-35 streaks over the house….and we read in the local paper, some times daily, but at least weekly, of the loss of one of our own in combat in the Middle East.

And that is what brings me to the reason for this email’s….

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