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Treasure of the Round Rock Rest Stop

Written by: Paco de Otromé Jico Chuy the lobster diver arrived unexpectedly at our Whalecamp house one afternoon in November 2000.  His friend Urbano accompanied him.  Chuy and I stood around one of my Sea of Cortés maps and chatted about the locations of seamounts we had discovered.  Chuy wanted to dive on them.  Urbano…

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3rd annual gathering of MHS 1960 Ball Clubs

3rd annual gathering of atheles of MHS 1960 ball clubs.  We met again at Bill Brown’s lake house in Kingsland , Texas on lake LBJ.   Bill Brown passed this past year and we now meet to honor him.    Attending were Bill Worley, Gordon Marcum, Gary Veazy, Tom Arnold, Tom Sudberry, and Mike Humphrey. Sudberry,…

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