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“Water in Midland Career Fund”

By John McElligott Many have been asking so I wanted to update all of you about “ The Water in Midland Career Fund” at Odessa College. So many of you have generously contributed to the fund for students seeking to receive a degree and/or certificate in the trade fields.   The fund we established in…

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1961 MHS Swimming Team

By John McElligott I made the Swim team at MHS when I was a sophomore and decided not to play football. The 1st Captains of the team were Rhodney Schultz and Fred Durham. Both were seniors and swam with the Midland Aquatic Club which I swam on when I was 9 yrs. old. I also…

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The Best Rescue I Ever Made

Written by John McElligott Gypsy… the best rescue I ever made thanks to the “President Eisenhower Hole.” I thought saving lives in Vietnam was something that would never be surpassed… until I was certifying an old Nuclear Power Plant for demolition. Well, it was easy since the site was called “The Eisenhower Hole” and was…

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