I Will Never Forget How Anna and I Met…..

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Written by: Arvol R. Brown (MHS 1963)

    It was Summer of 62 after my Junior year…. My Parents and Mike Murphy’s Parents were both on vacation (Coincidently at the same time for 2 weeks.)  It was two weeks of constant partying with my buds , Mike Murphy, George McBride, and John “Little John” McElligott,  between My house and Mike Murphey’s house….  One night, We were at A&W out on North Big Springs.  Kenny King pulled up Next to Us in his 57 Chevy and he had a Blonde “Chick”  (Anna) in the car with him… we started trash “Car” talking and I challenged Him to a race… for Money .. enough to buy US a couple cases of beer… We drove to Fairground Road  to drag race,  We both put up the money, and I took the money .  Anna got out of the car and I was standing next to her… As They lined up to race.. I looked at Anna (Love at first site) LOL…. I told her, “Here,  I’m going to let you hold the Money”…. Well, George Beat Kenny with his little hot rod 56 Ford Fairlane…  Told Anna … “Thank you ..  Sorry, but I’ll take the money, and Hey, We are having a party at (gave her address) at Mike Murphy’s house… Why don’t you come over…I FELT WE BOTH “CLICKED THAT NIGHT… .  Wasn’t surprised they didn’t show after HE LOST THE RACE…. 

Chapter 2:       Later ,  just after School started, there was one of those small Carnivals there Town Plaza there on Midkiff where Furr’s Cafeteria and Furr’s Food Store  were….. I was there with Buddy Boyd and Teddy Bisbee… Buddy and I got on the “Hammer Ride”…  As that thing was going up , down and around … I looked out and I saw Anna Standing there with a her Friend, Donna (Allen) Kirby … Every time that thing came down, She was looking at me, and smiling … I told Buddy , “That’s HER, That’s the Girl I saw at that race that night…”   I started yelling (LOL)  “Hey … Stop this thing … Stop, I gott’a get out of here”… By the time it stopped , I got out and was looking for her….. “GONE….. GONE….. oh no… AGAIN….”

Chapter 3:     Just a few days Later… We had HOCKEY PRACTICE  at 10:00 Pm after the Skate Session… Anna must have found out and new I skated and played hockey and when it was…  I was out on the floor playing during a Practice game…She came in to watch with another girl.    (who again, I use to think it may have been You.?)     I saw her and went off the floor to go talk to her… asked her to wait. We would be finished shortly… I went back out playing again…. Looked over … and  … WHAT..?   She is gone AGAIN… OH NO…!!  I was practicing with out my shirt on… When I went to take my skates off , My shirt was  GONE..!?  Teddy Bisbee came up  and told me…..    Hey ,  SHE TOOK  YOUR SHIRT… and said,  “you can come by her house, she would wait outside, if you wanted to come by and  GET IT…. He gave me here address … Got my Old Yellow Plymouth… Drove over there to her house there at the corner of Delano….. AND … THERE SHE Was Waiting on the Porch… She said … YOU WANT THIS ?  Handing me my shirt… FINALLY… I was with her…..  …….NOT THE END….. 

 Arvol R. Brown

Class MHS 1963

2 thoughts on “I Will Never Forget How Anna and I Met…..

  1. jmcelligottohswestcom January 7, 2021 / 6:51 am

    Arvol you never stop amazing people with your ability to communicate. I read all you work junior high and high school that went unnoticed by most of us till the blog. Please continue since its is the kind of writing that makes us smile and remember the days. That summer at Mike’s house was a hoot. I miss Mike and his music. But we put all his recordings on the RIP section that his wife Farris sent us. Now we need your music. for this post?? Something like my girl lolly pop??

  2. Bob ittner January 7, 2021 / 12:31 pm

    Young love by Sonny James

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