South Elementary-6th Grade 1956 Christmas Queen Ceremony

Br: Arvol Brown

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Bekki, Jackie and all our South Elementary Gang (mainly those in our Generation MHS/LHS class of 63 … I too,  Like Bill Bearden, a 1st through 6th Grader Friend, went to South Elementary and also did my 3rd grade year in “The OLD 2 story Red School building. A “Flash Memory” … My “Cheat sheet” Program as Master Ceremony 6th Grade 1956 Christmas Queen Ceremony.  how many names here do you remember that went on to be our High School classmates……..  like… Dorothy Dorman , Don Williams, and “OUR QUEEN” Dorothy Johnson escorted By David Cavitt .. And Special …. Douglas Barker Doing his Rendition and lip singing …. “Douglas, “Elvis, The Hound Dog” 

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