Glory Days


 Great time wish we could do it again!

This is the trip that Bill Sallee spiked Joe Hurley‘s drink. Joe immediately or shortly there after disappeared.

WG and John McElligott were ordered to catch crabs and make crab cakes. There were no crabs to catch, so they went and bought some at the store. They told everyone that they were out fishing all day and caught the crabs. They have never told the gang that the crab cakes were made with store-bought crabs. All of the fishing team raved about the crab cakes and Billy Godwin and John McElligott just sat back and laughed and of course drank more tequila.

John Franklin was there and for the first time ever we noticed that he was losing his mobility and hearing. Harry Miller was asked to check him out but Harry was deaf and febrile, too, so it didn’t work out.

Anyway everyone at the fishing extravaganza can now fill in the blanks of what turned out to be a very low level catch if the memory is correct. But, a lot of fun.