By OB Jackson

Center is OB Jackson .. Odessa 1945… Bottom Center is OB Jackson. ..Odessa 1946… we moved to Midland in 1947.. to 1407 W Louisiana St. And there I lived my whole time in Midland.. we had a 20 year note for $80 a month.. in 1967 after graduating Tech in Chemistry in June I went home and Mother was making the final house payment and told me this..

OB Jackson- Easter 1950
Believe it or not that Studebaker behind OB is now behind his office in Austin.
The Jackson 3 Muskateers

One thought on “Midland

  1. John McElligott May 26, 2020 / 9:29 am

    OB don’t forget that we need the music from the jukebox for the book. Send Dana a note and lets get together for a beer and recording session. John

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