MHS Youth Center According to Pete!

Written by Pete Creasey

Paraphrase of my 2005 posting on the MHS ’64 website.

When asked to reminisce a bit about our MHS Youth Center, I started thinking back as to what sticks out in my mind (and perhaps yours, as well).  All memories of the Youth Center are most favorable.

First and foremost, the fabulous malts.  Great big with lots of real ice cream.  I usually opted for the vanilla or strawberry ones and cannot recall ever being less than ecstatic with them; of course, I could handle the calories a whole lot better back in those days.  Most of us these days can’t even think about a malt without gaining pounds.

The jukebox was always playing good tunes at the right (read loud) volume.  Too many good tunes to list, but, for some reason, some of Roy Orbison’s hits stick out in my mind such as “It’s Over” and “Oh Pretty Woman”.  Read about Roy at Roy Orbison.

Or how about Johnny Rivers’s “Maybelline” and “Memphis”.  His intriguing website can be found at Johnny Rivers.

Suffice it to say, the jukebox was loaded with top-of-the-chart songs.

The competitions at the MHS Youth Center were legendary.  The ping pong games were especially brutal as there were a number of outstanding players.  Very, very athletic contests, indeed, with lots of slamming and high energy (and perspiration).

The pool games were a bit more sedate, but, nevertheless, still intense.  I can remember Eddie Hendrix getting angry one time and throwing the cue ball at me (perhaps the reason I recall this is that it knocked a tooth loose…no hard feelings, though, Eddie, if you’re looking in).  The Youth Center manager, Jay Haney, was very good at pool, as I recall.  The pool tables stayed very busy.

Another activity at the MHS Youth Center was the occasional weekend dance.  I particularly remember the dances with The Sparkles.  Here’s  more info on The Sparkles

The bands would set up next to the bar area leaving the rest of the Youth Center for tables, dancing, and whatever else might derive from teenage impulses.

Speaking of the manager of the Youth Center, Jay Haney handled things very well.  And the young man who ran the bar (and made the malts) was especially appreciated.

Remembering all the good times back in those wonderful ’60s, the  MHS Youth Center’s legacy remains intact in our minds as it was a source for wholesome recreation and bonhomie.

3 thoughts on “MHS Youth Center According to Pete!

  1. Admin May 3, 2020 / 11:50 pm

    W Godwin, The Rev Buck Necked

    That Jukebox is in General Tommy Franks Museum in Hobart, OK,

    • John May 4, 2020 / 9:21 pm

      WG get us a picture!!!

  2. Admin May 3, 2020 / 11:51 pm

    John McElligott

    Pete there is also a Jukebox at OB Jackson Mansion that we will be making digital recording of all 45’s. See if you have any good pictures from your days.

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