Reflections from Joe Turner (RIP)

Written By Joe Turner (before his passing)

Think about these at MHS 

Mr. Hudson’s chair somehow is tied under his desk and is not moveable he goes to pull it out as class is preparing to start and hand slips off the chair and he almost fall but catches himself on the blackboard and then tries to jerk it out with two hands and repeats his fall against the blackboard. Not sure how that happened. 

Billy Wayne Godwin and Susan Harston are lab partners in Mr. Billy Gilbreath’s (spelling not sure about even though he was one my favorite instructors ) class are preparing to dissect a fetal pig, Susan makes the first incision and WG faints and has to go to the nurses office. 

Addendum in response to above by Rev Buck Naked (WG)
Hell no, I sent a reply. I was around pigs all the time, two legged and four legged. Joe told me he wrote that. I was with him in Hospice in Richardson when he shot craps,   He was not aware of anything. Ain’t Right (Andrew J) and I were at his funeral. I spoke a few words, ( yes a few, just about two hours worth. HA  Bill Godwin

John Payne pours running water on top of hydrochloric acid and some type of nitrate and the class room has to be evacuated but we all went to lunch early.

I ask Judy Glass for a date and she tells me she has to think about going out with a junior.

 It is lunch time and RH (Bruce Carter), The Toe (John Payne, known for football kicking expertise, Jay Strap (Jack Tyson) and couple more from the cross country and track team are having lunch and I make the statement “I feel like smashing a chili dog in someone’s face” Jack said he was buying. He bought a hot dog loaded with chili onions etc., put it in my hand and I smashed it someone’s face. Not sure who it was but he was a loud mouth until then.

Got in major trouble with Jay the YC mgr., along with Coach Nixon and a few others. Study hall in the cafeteria one morning where Jack, Bruce, John myself and other cross country members plus the basketball and baseball team sat. Eddie Shirley walks up puts hands on Benny Smith’s head and hollors “ O God Heal, O God Heal”. Nixon’s Algebra class (could have been Coach Hopkins class) late in the day, but we have a substitute an older instructor that everyone abused a little bit.

Don Cauthen pulls a seizure attack James Dunn, Dr. John, Lee Helis and myself assist Don and I believe James and John take to the nurse’s office, but they never returned.

 It is night time at the “Ranch House” after dates and Jack Tyson and John Payne invent the term “F & A” Mr. Gilbreath was there and asked what are you boys drinking. 

The bus is leaving for Abilene for the game the notables were Lee and Barbara Attaway, Susan and I as the four double dated a lot, Bruce and ?, and Jack and ?, but he has a cane flask that assisted in the ride. This is a little scratchy but still 80%. 

Either Jack, John or Bruce C invent the term “Squeak It On” in honor of a squeaking fan belt, it squeaked at 80 MPH.  

John Franklin are in my father’s car and I am driving a little crazy and blow the transmission. He told this story at the 30th reunion and how I pulled the wool over pop’s eyes at times. 

That is all for today I may have to repeat the fruit stealing one 


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  1. Ron Peavy January 19, 2021 / 12:16 am

    From class of ’61 but do recognize names…GR8 stories…..go Dogs!!!

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