5th Grade Memory as Written by Joe Turner (RIP)

From: Joe Turner [mailto:joe@micfashion.com]
Sent: Friday, October 25, 2013 1:25 PM

Subject: A few memories for Friday.

It is the 5th Grade at Davy Crockett and the teacher is Mr. Geiss. He assigns the eternally beautiful Daviann Monroe to interview each student to obtain all info including place of birth and we are seated alphabetically. Dean Soper is seated in front of me and overhear all the questions. She moves to me and all the questions are going OK and see get to “Place of Birth”, my answer “A Hospital” her answer to that a “Right Handed Slap to The Left Side of My Face”. Mr. Geiss ask what happen and she tells him. I have to go stand outside. If someone has her email please send to her.

Summer after a hard sophomore year and I have just returned to Midland from school. Jimmy Brown and Gus are waiting for me at my parent’s house on Storey in Jimmy’s car with the engine running. As my turns on to Storey from Big Spring St. a cop fly’s by us almost cutting my father off and pops is cussing at the cop. The is flying down Storey and pulls in front of Jimmy’s dark green Oldsmobile and approaches the car and ask what they are doing and one of them answer waiting for the guy who lives here. The cop then ask “What Are Your Names”, Jimmy reply’s my name is Jimmy Brown and he is Johnny Jones. The cops response RIGHT you two get out of the car. My father arrive about the same time and the cops recognizes my father and ask “Mr. Turner Do Know These Boys” his reply yes that is Jimmy Brown and he is Johnny Jones. Cop ask are you sure pops says yes, cop tells Jimmy don’t park like this again and leaves.

Jay Strap AKA Jack Tyson are at Lee Helis house checking on him after the infamous Go-Cart race that was told at the reunion. Lee still has somewhat of a head ache to go along with all the stitches in the back of his head. His mother was always really nice and was proceeds to thank us for checking on Lee and she ask us to stay for dinner. Jack ask her what is for dinner and she tells him cube steak, his answer “No it might have started out as Tube Steak” Lee told us to get out. We leave and go give a injury update to Shell and Dianne. A few days later we are back racing go carts, however the track has been reversed and we are so careful it is not much fun. 

That is it for today. 


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