Pictures from MHS 1954-1959

Pictures and Clippings from the Personal Scrapbook of Jerry Callaway

Bruce Monroe was Davieann Monroe’s big brother. He went on to play for TCU, then law school at UT. He met his wife Lee, at TCU. After law school he went to Alaska to work in the governor’s office. He spent many years in Alaska, and his family loved the outdoor life there. He retired to north Texas and passed away several years ago. 

There was a beautiful blonde young lady named 
Diane (or Diana) David

I think this would be the right years.

But this is just a guess. 

Bulldog Offensive Stats
Bulldogs of the Week
Coach Tugboat Jones
Don Rone, Tugboat Jones and Jim Owens
Football MHS 1954
Football MHS 1954
Jerry Callaway 1954
Larry Cooper, Buddy Whitley and Wahoo McDaniel
Larry Cooper, Johnny Branson and Wahoo McDaniel
MHS Football Team 1954
Tom Inman