Terminal, Texas

by Bekki Maier Welch

I can remember back in the day when we moved to Midland. Well.. I don’t really remember because I was only four. There wasn’t any housing available in Midland, so we lived in Terminal, which is the airport, but at the time it was also an Army and Air Force base during the war. It was a great place to live. It was like a tiny town. We had a grocery store, fire dept., police dept.,school, library and on Saturdays they would show cartoons and Abbott and Costello for the kids. I went to school there through the third grade, then we were bused into town. Eventually businesses started moving into Terminal. We were called the Terminal Termites. Well I could go on and on about Terminal, but on to other things.

In reference to the name of the book (What’s in the Water in Midland, Texas) the water in Midland was terrible, and still is but not as bad as it used to be! People would come to visit and nearly throw up. We didn’t have bottled water back then so if you lived here you drank it. We were used to it and  would laugh at people that came to see us.


More Terminal, Texas Memories

Written by Bekki Maier Welch

I thought I would see what I can remember about growing up in Terminal.

I remember in the first grade Jackie Reed, Freda Caudle, and I started school together. Freda and I were in Mrs. Dukes class and Jackie was in Mrs. Harmon’s .

I remember a kid we called Punkin… No not pumpkin! He was one of those kids that was mischievous as for a nicer way to put it. He jabbed me in the arm with a pencil, and I still have the lead in there where it broke off. Now… you get the picture of what kind of kid he was!

Jackie tells the story about when we were at recess and she got mud on my new red tennis shoes. I was so mad at her that I put glue in her seat. Then one day we were playing on the seesaw. Freda and I on one end and Jackie on the other and Jackie jumped off and I landed on my butt. I told the teacher on her(Jackie) and she was punished by having to stand at the chalk board with her nose in a circle that was drawn on it. At least that’s the way she tells it.

For some reason I don’t remember the second grade. Maybe Jackie can remember.


South Elementary Memories

By: Bekki Maier Welch

After the 3rd grade we were bused into town. I think we went to South elementary. I think that’s where I knew Bill  Bearden from. Bill you will have to help me on this one. The only thing I remember about that year is there was some kind of contest. And I was running for queen of something. I think we had to sell something. Some kind of tickets. Whoever sold the most was named “queen”. I got runner up. I remember hearing my mom and her friends saying I should have won  but the girl that won, her mother cheated by buying her daughter’s tickets. I had to pick an escort and I couldn’t decide between James Hubbard and Davis Ellis. I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. Like they cared! Lol I think we had a man teacher but I don’t remember his name. Maybe Bill does. Hope you have more memories about that year Bill.

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I did go to South my entire elementary school years. The first grade we were in a Bible Study class in a church across the street. There were other first graders in other rooms in the church as well. In the third grade I went in an old (probably 100 years old) red brick building that was probably the original building. The remainder of the time I went to the new building. I do know the kids from Terminal started to school with us in the 4th grade. I think the teacher was Mr. Anderson. There were a number of kids in my class from Terminal that year. I rode my bike to school starting in the third grade … it was probably five or six miles. Hard to believe. And I do remember that you were in the class.