1504 Hemlock Midland, Texas

Written by Jan Aiken Ross

I remembered that I had fairly recently seen a photo of my home (under construction at the time of the photo), which brought back a flood of memories.    The original email (below) went to my grandchildren, trying to give them a flavor of my earlier years.

Before going further I would like to add that I have lived away from Midland since my graduation in 1964.   I now am living in North Texas in the Sherman/Denison area.   When discussions start and people want to know where you grew up, I always tell them Midland, Texas.   This always brings positive comments about how wonderful the people are in West Texas and it must have been a great place to grow up.   And I concur completely.   I wouldn’t trade the time and place in my life for anything.    

So with that, maybe the musings below will be a sweet memory for our classmates. 

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