Gulf Oilers (14 year olds)

By Scott Rogers

The Gulf Oilers
BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT:Coach Harley Rogers (Scott’s father), Cecil Adams, JT. Williams, Andy Larson, Scott Rogers, Dwayne Casbeer, Lori Absher, Coach Bill Tillman, Sr. (with cigar, lol)FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT:Robert Winstead, Steve Melzer, Joe Foster, Gary Newcomb, Bobby Weber, Bill Tillman,Jr. Jesse Fowler

Games Webber would pitch, Dwayne catch: next game Dwayne pitch, Webber would catch, John, Tom & I would fill in.

Won 3rd @ State Tourn.

Driver, White twins, Linda Mills, Dwayne & I went to White’s house @ Lake Whitney after Tourn. to ski. Dwayne &I left there to Baylor to baseball camp for 2wks. Feels like that was just yesterday. 

Walk Don’t Run with General Babbitt

Submitted by Scott Rogers

Cool video.

Do you remember the Ventures and Babbitt the drummer who played “Walk Don’t Run”? Do any of you remember the USAF Four Star General George Babbitt from Tacoma, WA? Anyone who thought the military is all spit and polish and discipline? Pretty interesting. General Babbitt was a drummer at one time for the Ventures. This is cool. Watch it. You will love it if you like rock n’ roll. Some of you probably don’t remember the Ventures. Those that do, enjoy the clip. It should bring a smile to your face.