Jerry Reese (RIP)

Written by Jerry Reese

(Jerry passed away April 4, 2020. Rest In Peace.)

I was born in Wink, Texas the sixth child of Alice and A. C. Reese. I can neither confirm nor deny, but my recollection, based on relatives’ stories, is that my Mother and Dad both quit school when they were very young. My Dad died when I was 7, so I remember little about him. My Mother was way too old to have another baby when I was born, and I fear my birth contributed to her being almost housebound with illness until she died during our senior year. My folks were wonderful but unremarkable in terms of worldly achievements.

My family moved from Wink to Odessa, and then in the summer between the 7th and 8th grades, we moved to Midland. I met the cutest girl I had ever seen while riding a bicycle somewhere on Cuthbert Street. I remember her feet being dirty but they were attached to movie star legs, and I fell in love with Jackie Garrett. We both had separate lives for 30 years, but in 1997, I achieved the highest honor of my life and married Jackie.

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