RIP-Knox Dillon Nunnally

Knox Dillon Nunnally, “Ocho-Ocho”, left us at ten o’clock in the evening on Monday, the 16th of July 2012. He has taken his last stiff drink of yesterday’s wine and danced his last dance. The mariachis are still playing and his beloved bird boys are crying in the rain. Ocho-Ocho came by his nickname from his many hunting trips to the once tranquil dove shooting fields of northern Mexico that he loved so much, in and around the Rio San Diego Hunting Club outside of Ciudad Acuña, and at the No Le Hace Lodge in the San Fernando Valley, where he established a very special relationship with his bird boys. He enjoyed their company as they did his. Waves of chants of “Viva Ocho-Ocho!” often went down the shooting line in honor of a particularly fine shot and were always sent in good humor to Ocho-Ocho’s hunting companions. At the end of the shooting, when it came time for bragging rights and cervezas were being shared, his bird boys always made sure his bag of dove was as full as any shooter’s bag.

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