Art (Bruce) Norton

Written by Bruce Norton

I went into the Army as soon as I turned seventeen, after graduation, and decided it was better than civilian life. I spent twenty-three years wearing the green. I traveled all over the Far East, spent five years in Paris, France at NATO Headquarters, three trips to Vietnam, two tours in Germany, and the rest of my time in the Army was spent at Ft. Bragg, N.C. and then the swamps of Georgia (FT Stewart/Hunter Army Air Field). I retired as a First Sgt.

I worked for Western Oil in the printing Dept., for two years, until graduation in’59. Pat, you said you moved with Western when they left Midland. Think you stated that you and Janna Stradley moved together. I went with her younger sister during our senior year, Janna thought it was terrible. I now live in Odessa, moved here in ’99.

Our son teaches school here. I teach a class of Emotionally Disturbed Kids three days a week. They are a very special group; I wouldn1t want to do anything else.