Robert Meadows (RIP)-The Last Hunting Trip

As told by Harry Miller:

The Last Hunting Trip with Robert Meadows (RIP), OB Jackson, Andrew Jackson, Richard Wood, Harry Miller and John Meadows

John Meadows had an annual camping event on the Baker’s River in Pandale, Texas. The event included a dove hunt. This particular year, Harry called OB Jackson and asked if the dove hunting in the area was any good.  OB says that for the past 3 years, no one has shot a thing. This gave Harry a very good idea, and with that information he decided to have a little fun!

At the time, Harry was the Owner and Director of Westgate Pet & Bird Hospital, Austin, Texas. The City would pick up dead animals at Harry’s office.  Unless the animal was being buried, they would store them in the freezer. So, the night before the annual camping event, Harry went to the freezer and proceeded to pull out some frozen birds, a large 4-foot Tegu lizard and a squirrel. He placed them all in his satchel and headed to the ranch.  The next morning, all the men were sitting around the campfire drinking beer.  Harry looks at Robert Meadows and says, “Let’s go get some doves.”  They both grab their guns and satchels and head out.  By this time, the frozen carnage in Harry’s satchel/bag was defrosted, and looked fresh as if it has just died.  

As they head out, Harry let’s Robert in on the prank and tells him he has all of these frozen/defrosted birds in his bag. Harry tells Robert to make it appear they are out shooting and finding lots of game. They proceed to fire the guns into the air high and to the left. They both holler every once in a while, for added effect. Meanwhile, Harry and Robert were really just looking around and searching for arrowheads. They probably looked around for close to an hour.  

They returned to the campfire, and eight people were sitting around drinking beer. They all were eager and curious to hear all about the hunting excursion. They all talked about all the shots they heard, and wanted to know how many they got.   Harry says “Yeah, we got 3 white winged doves” and reaches into his bag, grabs 3 cockatiels. The men around the fire sit up and say, “those aren’t white winged doves, look at those orange cheeks?”  They ask, “Did you get anything else?” So, Harry reaches in the bag, grabs a parakeet and throws it on the ground. Everyone looked in amazement. “What else did you get?” Harry proceeds to throw down 4-5 “chicksicles” and says see that farmhouse over the fence, well these were running around, and well, I didn’t know.. so I shot em” 

Everyone was still looking puzzled, when Harry proceeds to throw down the lizard. Everyone yells “Is that a Gila Monster?” Harry says, “I dunno… it was crossing the road, so I shot it.”

Next, he throws down a squirrel. Boys say, “There’s no trees out there” Harry responds, “He ran across the road, too, so I sot him.”

Harry reaches in the bag throws down a medium sized red head parrot and a double yellow head  cockatoo. By this time, everyone is scared and said “Those are parrots!!!” We are on the Texas/Mexican Fly Zone!”

Lastly, Harry pulls out a Blue and Gold McCaw. Everyone is speechless. “Why would you shoot THAT bird?  Harry says “he was only 50 feet in the air and yelling You can’t catch me; you can’t catch me. So I shot him”

Harry and Robert break out laughing hysterically and the group finally figured out they had been fooled the whole time!