Floyd & Claudia (Mills) Lewis

Right after graduation, Floyd joined the Navy and spent 10 years as a Photographer’s Mate. I went off to Baylor University where I graduated in 1963 with a teaching degree. I taught in Lubbock for one year.

In the meantime, Floyd had re-enlisted, and in the fall of 1963, we got back together (we had dated a few times in high school), got engaged and in June of 1964 married here in Midland. Hewas stationed in San Diego, Calif., so we went there immediately after our wedding. We lived there for 6- l/2 years, and moved back to Midland in January 1971. Our son, Jason, had been born in California in 1970, and our daughter, Claudine, was born in Midland in 1971. We stayed in Midland for a little over 3 years – Floyd working in photography and me teaching atMHS and Austin Freshman School. We moved to Houston in 1974. Floyd worked at a variety of positions – mostly related to photography or graphics, and I taught in Spring I.S.D. north ofHouston.

After I retired in 2004, we moved back to Midland, into the house that Floyd’s stepfather and mother had lived in here on Shanks Drive. His Mother passed away in 2000, and his stepfather in 2002. One of the reasons for moving home was to be close to my father and stepmother, but my Dad passed away in 2003 before we could complete the move. Now, we keep in close touch with my stepmother who still lives in the Mills family home on W. Kentucky Street.

After forty years of teaching, I still can’t stay out of the classroom, so I’m now in my fifth year as a substitute in Midland ISD. I teach anywhere from 2-4 days a week, which keeps me pretty busy.

Our daughter, who teaches in Garland ISD, is married with two sons, and she and her family live in Sachse, north of Dallas. Our son is a First Sgt. in the Army, stationed currently at FortMcCoy, Wisconsin, as a medic instructor.

This past summer, we took on a new venture which is a little unusual for someone of our age – we opened a bar! It’ s called the Star Lite Saloon and is located on Garden City Highway about halfway between Lamesa Road and Fairgrounds Road. Floyd spends most of his time there, of course, and I’m there as often as possible. Come and see us sometime!