Jerry Hyde

Jerry Hyde
3102 Metz Drive
Midland, TX 79705

Biography of Jerry Hyde, May 2009
Midland High School class of 1959
Texas Technological College class of 1964
U S Army class of 1968

A few classes of hard knocks and many soft ones

I’m lazy. I do not intend to ever do another biography. I start at birth. If you are only interested in the years after MHS 1959, please skip ahead. Also, since so much of my life has been influenced by Midland, I have included a table of history below.

Early Years

I was born in Midland Texas, Western Clinic, in October, 1940. Western Clinic is now the Patio office building full of lawyers 2 blocks north of the courthouse. My dad was a “Cowboy”, mother was a “Housewife” per my birth certificate. Too bad dad was punching someone else’s cows instead of being a rancher sitting on oil land. His dad was an alcoholic, so as oldest son, he quit school after fifth grade to work and help support his mother and 5 siblings. He was well read, could do math faster in his head than anyone I knew, and supported me and my little brother in many endeavors including college. Mom provided (and still does) more than standard love, support, and training. Midland was a town of9,367 people in 1940. Although I was able to read, write, and count at birth, the population figure is courtesy of the U S Census Bureau. All that did not mean much to me, living the country life with run of the ranch and my own horse.

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