Griffith Henson


Throughout my years at MHS I knew I wanted to teach history. Three days after graduation I enrolled in North Texas State College (now the University of North Texas). I went straight through college and finished my bachelor’s in January 1963, with majors in history, education and psychology, and minors in English and sociology. By the time I graduated I had already begun work on my master’s; by the time I obtained that degree (January 1965) I had already been accepted into the doctoral program. I married in December 1962 to a woman who had two children (this marriage would break up in 1991).

After graduating with my bachelor’s, I found a teaching position (English) in a small, rural high school (Era, Texas) thirty miles from Denton; this allowed me to work and continue my graduate degrees. I spent two good years at Era-I got “my feet on the ground” with my teaching and developed many friendships which continue to this day. One of my best honors was to be invited back as the graduation speaker the year after I left. Two years ago, my wife and I went back to the fortieth class reunion of what was the tenth grade class the first year I taught there.

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