Woody Gwyn, renowned artist

Submitted by Pete Creasey

I wonder how many people remember Woody Gwyn.  He is a renowned artist with a special talent for painting West Texas landscapes.

I can’t remember how I came to know Woody.  I have lost touch with him and an attempt to reconnect was to no avail. Does anyone know a good source in or around Houston for Woody Gwyn art piece(s)?

Here is an interesting article…

[Quote from mrt.com]
Gwyn is a graduate of Midland High — Class of 1962 — and for decades, thousands of students have seen Gwyn’s work — whether they realized it or not — as they ascended or descended a staircase on the school’s east side.

Far above the reach of any student or school employee hangs Gwyn’s giant mural of an oil rig at night.

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