Carol A. Leake Grimes- Class of 1959

In the spring of 1948, our family “blew” into Midland with a sandstorm and rolling tumbling tumbleweeds. Houses were scarce, we were thankful to find one, the First Baptist Church parsonage built in the early 1900’s with 10 foot ceilings and large wooden beams in the living room.

The house had been moved to North Whitaker several years before my parents purchased it. Our house was much taller than the others in the neighborhood. We enjoyed climbing the Chinaberry tree, in order to reach the peak of the steep roof, to see all over town. Bored was not in our vocabulary. We were too busy having fun. I especially liked skating on the large wrap around front porch. For me, I thought it was exciting to live in a house that had housed many preachers and was no doubt a house of faithful prayer. Our family attended First Baptist Church when it was located across the street from First Methodist. Once a week after school, I walked to First Baptist to attend a program called “Sunbeams” for grades 1-3. I still remember the theme song: “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam”.

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