Charles Giesey DDS

Written by Charles Giesey, DDS

I grew up at 608 West Louisiana. It was a neat neighborhood with Allen Hitchcock (with the finest comic book collection on the planet) across the alley from my backyard, and Hope Russell across the alley from my front yard. Hope taught me how to play jacks which came in real handy later on. The highlight of my first several years in school happened in the second grade when Mrs. White summoned my mother to school to say “Mrs. Giesey, Charles is the laziest white boy I’ve ever seen.” Well as most of you know things didn’t change much after that. I really didn’t agree with her but Coach Glen Selbo must have when I was a junior as he said “those Giesey kids (my sister Mary played tennis) don’t have enough energy between them to blow someone’s nose.”

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