Odessa College-“Harvard on the Hill”

Written by Benjamin Franklin

 I attended “Harvard on the Hill” in 65 & 66. It was, a complete failure, to say the least. A repudiation, which I never forgot. The Dean of the college remarked on my behalf, that I “was not college material”. I was put on scholastic probation, wherein Vada Sykes, was dutifully notified, in the Spring of 66. It was a literal “kiss of death” by the Draft Board, that I had been inducted into the Army, and received my draft notice. Thank you Vada, because I knew that I would be going instead of George Bush, Jr. Now the Dean of Students was himself a graduate of Texas A&M, and the reason I know that, I saw his college ring, as he was picking his nose, in our interview. True Story.. In 1966, the USNavy had a program named “Choice not Chance”, where I enlisted into the Navy(instead of going into the Army and straight to VN) in August of 1966. The irony does not stop there. In 1968 I was due a change of billet, and was assigned as a field corpsman/medic in country Viet Nam, and spent the entire year of 1969 getting my ass shot at, and escaping w/ my life out of there in Jan 1970, when I was discharged from active duty.

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