Things I Wish Had Never Happened

Written by: Mike Morris

Guess I could say that my high school years were some of the best years of my life.  So many great moments, friends and memories were made during those years.  I think for me, along with the schooling part, it established a baseline for learning all about social skills and applying the golden rule with relationships.  Thank goodness I made friends with the right folks.  But looking back, most of the kids at MHS were the right folks.  We all worked hard to graduate and to apply what was learned, both scholastic and social, to help us get on with our lives.  I think we all were blessed to have had the caliber of teachers we had.  Looking back at the ones I had, I can honestly say they were the best.  I really would like to think Miss Perkins, Miss Taylor and Mrs. Whitfield are looking down and smiling because of what I am writing…please smile!

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