Corky Dyer (RIP)

Written by: Tony Dorff

Because it’s the Veteran’s day weekend and I’ve seen the message regarding Corky Dyer’s death, I thought that I might fill you in on how that happened. 

Corky and I were not buddies in high school and I next saw him in 1965 when we were both in the same class in Special Forces medic training. We became pretty tight there. 

In Viet-Nam, we shared similar duties, one of which involved riding a “chase ship”. If there were casualities on the ground, we were put in, regardless of the situation. 

Corky was in support of a recon team that had come under heavy fire and had wounded. The helicopter that Corky was on went down to put him in. Unfortunately, it was a trap. As the ship came in, it came under heavy fire and was hit. The pilot tried to roll out, but the ship rolled over and went into the ground nose first, killing everyone on board. The entire team on the ground was wiped out. 

Every year on the date of his death, I raise more than one to Corky.