RIP- Conrad (Cornbread) Dorsey LHS

By John Mcelligott

Conrad and I met at Alamo in the 8th grade. Conrad later became “Cornbread” to everyone. I remember he was a good athlete, and very out going. In the 10th grade we skipped school at MHS together along with WG and Gene Clark. Everyone started smoking that year except me and a few others. That year was spent at the youth center and the back row of the Texan Drive In just west of town. Crazy nights were had at both. Conrad moved to LHS his 11th and 12th grade years and he still was a major party animal  along with WG and a few others at Lee HS. Conrad’s college days are a mystery to me but he did join the US Army from 63-69. Not sure what he did but it most likely included beer drinking and chasing women. My only story about Conrad was a hunting trip out at Candelaria with Harry, OB and several others. I pulled up and told him I was a game warden and needed his ID. He pissed all over himself and produced his Driver License. I looked at it, took of my sunglasses, and said are you Cornbread? He finally realized it was “LJ” as they called me in high school. Everyone laughed and we proceeded to drink more beer and shot some doves that Labor Dy weekend.  The picture above is at J Jones’ house, and I arranged to get Cornbread some hearing aids form the VA since he was exposed to artillery frequently and I new the VA well.  Tried the same with John Franklin but he insisted he was not deaf. But he was and I am not sure why he could not hear well. 
I hope WG, OB, and Andrew can add to Conrad’s story. Conrad died in March 2015.