Gwen Gibson Armstrong

Pleasssse, pull my fingernails out, smash my foot, but don’t make me write a biography! All of the bios I have read sound so “educated”, exciting, serene, worthwhile by contributing to the public good, or all of the above. I have just lived life MY way.

After graduating MHS I attended TCU and went into total shock. I was NOT prepared for college. I did not know how to study, or make new friends, or be a good sorority sister. I realized I had grown up in a glass bubble in Midland … over-protected and insulated from reality. After two years of floundering through classes I returned to Midland and went to work for Humble Oil & Refining Company with a starting salary of $240.00 a month. I was RICH! After four years in my hometown I finally broke the apron strings and moved to Houston where I worked for another oil company. After two years of too many people and two much traffic I moved to Santa Fe, NM. FREE AT LAST! The late bloomer burst forth as a flower child. (I still don’t think pot is a drug, but no longer do I play with it … darn it.) My work in Santa Fe was as guest manager of an exclusive guest ranch where we had Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, Shirley Jones, Audrey Hepburn, and many more notables stay for weeks while they made movies.

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