“Water in Midland Career Fund”

By John McElligott

Many have been asking so I wanted to update all of you about “ The Water in Midland Career Fund” at Odessa College. So many of you have generously contributed to the fund for students seeking to receive a degree and/or certificate in the trade fields.  

The fund we established in 2021 is designed to help those students that are enrolled in workforce high skilled, high wage programs (electricians, engineers, medical careers, welding, truck drivers etc.) at the college. Odessa College provides the necessary training that leads students to gainful employment. The programs at the college are designed to prepare students for in demand careers that will help solidify longevity in the workforce and trade careers.

Our fund is able to assist students that show a lot of promise to excel but have financial need. It is not a scholarship based on high school academic scores. There are a lot of students, including myself, that were not academic scholars, but are bright students that want to advance in the workforce.

The programs at Odessa College allow them to get the necessary training and skills in order to get very good jobs without a four-year university degree. Students selected to receive “The Water in Midland Career Fund” have tuition, fees and supplies covered.

Here is the update on the fund:

⦁     Currently 40 generous donors to the “Water in Midland” endowment fund. Please consider this worthwhile program to make your donations. This is a legacy we can leave for future generations. You can make donations here: whatsinthewaterinmidlandtexas.com/water-in-midland-fund/

⦁     All donations are tax deductible! Help stimulate the economy by training students to enter the workforce and receive a tax break…WIN! WIN!

⦁     The first donations were invested in an endowment fund in 2021 and accrued interest until December 2022. We awarded 5% of the interest earned from the fund to the first 7 student recipients in 2023.

⦁     Read more about it at: The Water in Midland Career Fund (touchnet.net)

The Water in Midland Career FundThe Water in Midland Career Fundsecure.touchnet.net

Please note: This does not reflect the most recent donations for 2023. These numbers are based on the in investment of 2021 and 2022 funds.


Donations: $56, 335.68

Dividends: $1342,34

Gains: $2898.59


Donations: $10,480

Dividends: $1847.88

Gains: $1650.25

Funding for tuition, fees and supplies were awarded to a total of 7 students in January 2023 for the Spring Semester. Of note, 1 of our donors (MHS 1963 graduate) graciously paid for 1 student to complete the certificate program in its entirety. That student will complete the program this Fall 2023.  

Please keep in touch and continue to send stories for the blog. If you have any questions about the fund or would like to donate please reach out to me and/or leave a comment below and I will contact you.

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