Lee High or Midland High?

Written by Karen Kimball Jones

Well, the funniest thing is I think those who went to Lee think I graduated from Midland and those who graduated from Midland think I graduated from Lee since that was the year Lee opened.

 Actually, my junior year, my Dad went to work for Husky Oil and we moved to Denver where I graduated from HS, then went to Oklahoma State and transferred to El Paso my junior year in college.  I ended up graduating from UTEP in ‘68.

My Mother grew up in EP and her cousins were doctors there. Small world!

Jeff and I married following both our graduations and have two great boys, but he is now married to Susan Davidson and I married Bart Jones, when we both lived in Houston.

We are now in Kerrville and Susan and Jeff are in San Antonio.

I’m really enjoying all this old and new news from Midland. Oh, while at OSU, Daddy had the opportunity to move to Calgary, but he was smart and he and Mom returned to Midland! So, I still claim her as my hometown always!

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