Reflections from Tim Doreen MHS ’61

Written by Tim Doreen

We had HOGAN PARK golf course—ball field where we played summer ball.

Of course who can forget the Midland Club out by the circle–later home for the famed “pussy cat a-go-go” which was in its hay day while we were in college. They even had a back room to gamble-just ask Yippy Rankin!

How about S&Q CLOTHIERS close to Cissy Clark’s family owned KING BURGER? A couple doors down was CROWLEY ‘S REXALL DRUG- my first job in Midland in ninth grade working in the soda counter.

I shopped at GENERAL CLOTHING on the south side. They were open seven days a week and also SUNDAYS-owned by our own CAROL LEVITT family.

Seems like we followed HART’S Quick Shop wherever they were as that is where the DESERT RATS could purchase that ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPRING WATER- AT 16/17 years old.

We also ventured to THE COBRA CLUB down across the tracks (in the flats) to hear FATS DOMINO–BO DIDLEY-others usually on Sunday nights.

Marshall King was the owner of a few businesses and I played summer baseball with Marshall King, Jr. What fun!!

Road trips included LAKE J.B. THOMAS–not far from Snyder, Texas. Rolling in the sand out at Monahan’s State Park ~~~more to follow! ~~~~ Tim Doreen 

2 thoughts on “Reflections from Tim Doreen MHS ’61

  1. Anonymous June 9, 2020 / 1:37 pm

    Tim passed away in 2013, so I think someone else wrote this unless he wrote it from the great beyond!

  2. Anonymous June 9, 2020 / 1:40 pm

    Spell check messed this up. Tim passed away in 2013.

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