Memories by Eric Moore- Part 1

Notes by Prissy Pense-Moore:
I have been asking Eric Moore (John’s brother) for his take on the Moore boys’ childhood stories for several months and, as you can see in the attachment, he and Beth finally got the time to sit down and give Beth the chance to put his memories to paper. It is beautifully written and I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes and I’m laughing out loud while I’m reading. Eric was always so good at telling the stories of some of their adventures. I’m sure everyone else will enjoy them too – and probably be able to relate to many of the adventures.Although I didn’t know John’s family while we were children, I heard these stories many times during John and my 22-year “courtship.” I didn’t have brothers but did grow up around male cousins so I could still relate to some of the shenanigans myself. I will use Eric’s stories as a launchpad to tell some of the stories of our family and growing up in Midland. The crazy, funny stories is what made growing up in West Texas so unique and character building.Eric’s document is pretty long so I will break it into several postings. It seems to have several natural breaking points.Enjoy the reading.

Written by: Eric Moore with the aid of Beth Moore

Introduction:Charles Hall asked Eric a while back if he would submit a blog about what it was like to grow up in Texas, especially Midland and play little league baseball. We had every intention of submitting something right away, but Eric’s not been in a good place the last couple of years health-wise. Prissy Pense-Moore, wife of Eric’s brother John, recently sent us an email encouraging us to participate in this wonderful endeavor and she attached the chapters on Little League Baseball (“Boys of Summer”), written by Charles Hall. It was like stepping back in time and being a nine-year-old boy in Midland again – at a Little League game! His story (which is absolutely writing at its best!!) was just the inspiration needed to get started because our thought was how can we NOT participate and share Eric’s story?

Charles suggested Eric also write about experiences and memories related to his family, how his parents met, what his dad did, where all the Moore boys were born and how they ended up in Midland, what life was like being an older brother to John and playing sports together plus both of them being coached by their dad in little league baseball, Eric’s experiences playing numerous sports (both in junior high and high school) and the influence some of his coaches (beginning with Little League and ending with his football days at Midland High School and Texas Tech) had on his life. Charles suggested Eric talk about some of the teachers and friends that impacted his life, his career path, and where he is right now in his life.

The daunting task of thinking about his life to come up with particular stories and areas of his life was at first overwhelming to Eric, but as we began the interview process, he seemed to enjoy himself. Eric and I were in the same 1961 graduating class at Midland High School but didn’t really know each other. We met in Houston in 1990 and married in October of 1991. As his wife, and the person agreeing to write his story, let me say up front that I am far from being a writer and at first, I was at a loss as to how to even get started. But as I read Charles Hall’s baseball story and the other wonderful articles on the blog, it became clear that the only thing we needed to do was tell our story from the heart and my task is to try and tell it so that his humor comes through loud and clear. I am honored to write Eric’s story and my hope is that I can do it respectfully, honestly, truthfully, and, as I said, with the same humor.

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