3rd Grade/4th Grade- Lamar Elementary

By Charles Hall


  December 18th, 1953.  Third grade.  Lamar Elementary .   Age 8.      Sammy, do you recognize the little guy in the suit coat ???  Hint:  look in the mirror and smile.   That’s me with the mussed up hair.   We’ve been great friends for a LONG time, Sammy. 

Bottom picture is December, 1954.   4th grade, age 9.    That’s in my back yard on W Illinois St.    My sister Barbara (age 12) is King of the snow mountain.   That’s me on the end, and my best friend that year in the middle.  Bob Stanley was pretty big even then.  He later moved over on A Street, a long bike ride, but we stayed in close touch through 7th grade before drifting apart – even went to a few of each other’s Little League games.   Bob was a big time home run hitter, kind of like our own Dr McElligott.

Sammy Squyres and Charles Hall

2 thoughts on “3rd Grade/4th Grade- Lamar Elementary

  1. John March 9, 2020 / 2:26 pm

    Charles its time for me to buy you a few beers. Also lets play catch at our next party!!

  2. jmcelligottohswestcom April 19, 2020 / 11:47 am

    Charles reading this on the new blog really shows off your athletic skills and your ability to write. If and when the time comes let us know how you were one of the first ever to be drafted into the Marine Corps!!

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