Randy Hill and the Big Snow

By Charles Hall
Hey Wemus, these pictures might bring back fond memories of us growing up together, playing together since we were about 6 or 7, and NO I don’t still have the face guarded white football helmet with the green stripe. 😂😂.     I don’t know where you were on this day, but these were taken in my back yard during the BIG SNOW of December 1954. 

I know Randy Hill was your Fraternity Big Brother at Texas Tech.  I’m sure you miss him !

Top picture:   Randy’s Mother Jane Hill kneeling, my Mother standing, my Sister Barbara kneeling in front of me, Camilla Hill on right end, and me and Randy holding the HUGE snowball (I’m obviously the shorter one 🤪).     Bottom photo, the same crew but I guess my Mom was taking the picture.   

Enjoy ole buddy!

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