Mary Jane Hanks Saiken

My life has not been too exciting but it damn sure has not been boring.

I married Preston Bridgewater after attending TCU and Abilene Christian College. ACC was a horrific experience ….. ! never was too good at being a “nice Church of Christ girl.”

Preston and I had two children – Bret 47, and Kamala would have been 45. Kamala died of cancer a year and a half ago. Bret lives in Dallas and currently is not married and has no children. Kamala had two children, one 15, who lives in Memphis, TN with his dad and a daughter 6 who lives with another dad in Katy, TX.

After 13 years with Preston and probably too much partying …… we divorced and I married a really nice Jewish guy from New Mexico.

He had custody of his two girls and so we became a family 33 years ago and it has been a great marriage.

We moved to Austin 20 years ago and love it here. There are four grandchildren here in Austin and it has been wonderful going to their school events and sports activities. My Mother is still living and is 90 and doing wonderful. She lives in Austin now at a retirement facility and she is having a blast …. she actually plays the drums in a band at the facility and they have another “gig” coming up next weekend. She is in better shape than I am.

We have not traveled too much except to Israel several times and just enjoy all that there is to do here in Austin.

One thought on “Mary Jane Hanks Saiken

  1. Linda Mills Wofford February 15, 2022 / 8:27 pm

    Hi Mary Jane, it’s Linda, Sue’s sister. I’m so very sorry to hear about Kamala.
    I’m so happy you love Austin, as I do! Such great memories there!
    My fondest memory of you is when you came to my house to fix my hair for Club 15! Of course, you always fixed my hair in an “updo”!!! I felt so grown up❤️ I thought you were the coolest girl ever – I hear you still are!!!

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