The Police Siren

Written by William “WG” Godwin

(Click below to listen to “No Particular Place To Go” by Chuck Berry

I remember when the Terminal kids came to Alamo. I met John Mc and Gene Clark. We became fast friends. I went to Terminal all the time to visit them. Many treats  eating John’s Mother’s cooking, taking showers in the high showers with 6 or eight heads, stopping up the drains in the shower. It almost became a swimming pool.  We went into all the tunnels under the runways. It was a great time

Later in high school ( MHS ) the three of us acquired a police siren  ( where we got it will remain with John and me ). We had to put it up against the back tire for it to work .  Gene had a four door Oldsmobile.  Gene would drive, John would lay down in the back seat holding the siren on the tire while held on to his feet to keep him in the car .  We drove in front of MHS and all over Midland, cars pulling over,  everyone in town looking .  It was much more effective at night . That lasted about a week or so. At that point it seems the owner of the siren wanted it back . End of a wonderful week or so.  I wish I had it when I go to Dallas .

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