TCU and Midland

Written by John McElligott

I wish that the TCU kids would tell us what TCU  was like back in the day. To me is was a place only the rich and famous attended. I followed their football team every year… even now.

I remember a quarterback named Sonny Gibbs who went on to play professional ball. I watched Ross Montgomery, Cliff Hoffman, and… remember Denton?  Denton was also known to many as Glenn Whittington. He was the only person who I know that went to TCU on a scholarship aided by Doc Dodson.

The girls who went to TCU are numerous, and I will let them write stories…. Diane, Margie, Victoria, and many more. TCU must have been fun.

The closest my family ever came to attending TCU was my #3 son, Jamey. He sold TCU all its food supplies and concessions from Cisco Foods.

Well, I hope TCU has a storyteller. Scott Rogers where are you? I don’t want to pass on without hearing at least one good story about this dream school I’ve only seen on TV!

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