Ronda Horn-Espy

Where did the time go? (It was just yesterday that Linda Rylee, Linda Jackson and I were driving around town and pushing Volkswagens out of people’s driveways and into the middle of their yards! Man, we were wild!) Sorry girls, but that has always been on my conscience

After MHS graduation, came Howard Payne College in Brownwood, where I met my husband, Kim. (Married in 1962.) We moved to Houston in 1963, where our daughter, Mindy was born. Kim was employed by Frito-Lay and we were transferred to Euless for a year and then to Detroit for 2 years.

We transplanted to LA in 1972 to work in the music business (since Kim had a semi successful recording career at HP; we were classmates of Paul and Paula; and many summers of my working at Wemple’s Music Store selling records were all the credits we needed)! It seems weird to look back on those LA years, now. We both worked for record companies and publishing companies while learning the ropes. We met and became friends with a lot of celebrities, I graduated from law school, and in 1981, we started our own company, ultimately representing such artists as B.B. King, Huey Lewis, Bruce Hornsby, Bonnie Raitt, Asleep At the Wheel, The Pointer Sisters, Phil Everly and many other colorful characters!

During these years, we traveled to places that Kim could fly us (including several trips to Midland) and other travels to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Paris, and London. We were tennis devotees and attended the French Open and Queen’s Cup several times.

In 2004, we moved to Austin as my mother was terminally ill. We were very lucky to spend the last year of her life close to each other rather than being so far away in California. With the move, in addition to continuing our publishing company and adding several Austin musicians, we also decided to breed alpacas … which is ·a whole other life, and would take up more space than I have!! (

Mindy and Carl made us grandparents in 2006, with the birth of Cole, who is, of course, the cutest, smartest grandchild in the world! (I’ll arm wrestle anyone who wants to compare!) They moved to Austin just over a year ago, and it has given me a chance to fulfill my role in life … “Doda” … the person who spoils Cole rotten.

Here we are in 2009, older and wiser, still in love and living a great life. I’ll always remember MHS and my friends from there with much fondness!

No names were changed to protect the guilty and large type intentionally used for the vision impaired! RHE 6110109

2 thoughts on “Ronda Horn-Espy

  1. John McElligott MHS 1963 November 2, 2021 / 5:20 am

    Wow what a story!!! Thanks so much.

  2. Anonymous November 2, 2021 / 1:31 pm

    Thanks for helping me Ronda. Very entertaining. Would like to gear more on your alpacas. Bob Ittner MHS 62

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