Nelda Walker Nelson

I surely can’t be writing a bio for my 50th high school reunion, but I guess time has a way of marching forward and taking me with it!

Upon graduation I went to Texas Tech for summer school; of course I was following a good looking “older man” whom I later married. After Tech it was off to TCU and my wonderful roomie Ann Mackey Williams. To this day we are still “best friends”.

In 1960 I married Jim Nelson, the older man, and we were married for 34 years. We had three wonderful children, Michele, James and Brandon. We have five precious grandchildren, 23 to 1 1/2 years, the youngest being our miracle baby by invitro. Dustin, who is 23, is in his first year of medical school. I told him he needs to be a plastic surgeon so he can give me a face lift, lipo and whatever else was needed –he just looked at me like I was crazy. His sister Karlie is going to be a nurse anesthetist. Ali will be a senior next fall. Baillie is 10 going on 20, and Colton is just starting on his life’s journey.

After many moves, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee and California, we finally settled in Hobbs NM for 27 years. I am now back in Hobbs, after living in Midland for 7 1/2 years so I guess I have come full circle.

I was a stay at home Mom for .many years, playing a lot of tennis, volunteer work, serving on several boards, and being active in my church and traveling with Jim. We had a very active life. We divorced and I was single for about 5 1/2 years. I married Bruce McKague, a class mate, and that lasted 7 years.

So here I am ‘in Hobbs working for a Domestic Violence Center. During the last seven years I have taken up hunting with Diane Bailey ( class of 1960) and love it. I have also traveled to Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Caribbean and BVI’s on 100 year old sailing galleon. My greatest accomplishment has been my children and I am blessed by them every day.

The class of 1959 is truly an outstanding group of people and I look forward to seeing each of you. But please forgive me if don’t recognize your face– I will remember your name.

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