Linda Kester Carson Sanders Kester Fox

Linda Kester Carson Sanders Kester Fox – yes that’s correct!

As you can see, I’ve been busy getting married and divorced – not as bad as it looks on paper! After graduating from MHS, I attended Texas Tech for 2½ years as a music education major – graduated with my “M. R. S. Degree” as one of my AF ROTC commanders told me.

After he graduated, my husband joined the Air Force; I really loved the military life, but was too young .to get married, much less become a mother. Nonetheless, we had three sons – all of whom are happy, healthy and still love their mom. After my first divorce I came home to Midland to “heal” and then made a disastrous short marriage of which we won’t speak again. After that, I again came home to Midland, took back my maiden name and was re-introduced to one of my parents’ friends (but not as old as they were) who took me out just to get me back into circulation. Over nine and a half years later, we married – he hates to make quick decisions!

I worked for a couple of oil companies and an independent landman, and then was a legal secretary at a law firm until Stan and I married in 1985. I “retired” but continued to temp for the lawyers until we moved to Manor Park, a retirement community in Midland, early in 2008. Too many activities begin before office hours are over – you know how early all old people go to bed (LOL) – so I quit working for good. I volunteer at the Recording Library of West Texas, accompany children’s choirs at my church, where I also sing in the choir. Music, reading, crossword puzzles and being with my husband are my main hobbies. Cooking and cleaning, etc. are VERY secondary.

All in all, it’s been a good life – my health is good and I don’t even begin to feel

as old as I am! For that and for my family, I’m very thankful.

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