Karen Veazey King

Written by Karen Veazey King

I moved here from Shamrock, Texas during the last part of my 6th grade year. Went
to Lamar Elementary and thought my life had come to an end. However, when I went
to San Jacinto the next year I loved being in Midland, and so my life in Midland
I met Ron King in 1964 here in Midland. He graduated from TCU and had gone to
work for Midland National Bank. We were married in 1965 and have been together
ever since. (Some of that time good and some bad, mostly good, however.)
We were gone from West Texas for 12 years, living in Mobile, Ala, Dallas, and
Shreveport, La. I couldn’t wait to leave West Texas and look for new adventure, and
Ron couldn’t wait to get back. We did have a lot of fun traveling around and meeting
new people, however.
There is nothing really interesting or notable about our life together. We were never
blessed with children, so we have made do with what we have.
We own a small land company and Ron does the land work and I keep the books and
Ron going. We both play golf, but not together. He keeps talking about retirement and
I keep ignoring it.
We enjoy our friends and family and our life together here in Midland very much.
We neither one can think of any place else we would rather live.

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