Junior High Days: Girls VS Boys

Written by Mike Morris

Junior high school days, for me, just seemed to flash by.  The first days of starting to “the BIG school” at Cowden Jr. High saw most of us just struggling to find the friends they knew from their old elementary schools.  Having that small bit of solace just seemed to keep the panic at bay for most of us.  Of course, I instantly picked up on those girls who just seemed to fit in so naturally and were instantly popular, (a word that wasn’t used much up to now by the boys!).  Social awareness was becoming an item that us little boys just had no clue about…especially me!  However, the girls were wayyy ahead of the boys on this subject.   And all the guys just seemed to put on this persona of toughness.  That stoic look that would be their protective armor.   Of course, none of the guys would admit to being uneasy (scared to death!), or uncomfortable with this new situation.  

About the most memorable thoughts for me during these first jr. high days were observing all these cute little girls walking around, most of whom I had never seen, who were beginning to grow chest bumps…some more noticeable than others.  And most of them hid their budding assets by holding their books and binders tightly to their chests as they walked along, usually two to three abreast, talking and smiling like they had not a worry in the world.  At the time, I wondered if they were just hiding them from the boys, or if some of the older girls had told them that’s just how “proper” girls carry their books.  But all, and I mean ALL of the girls did this.  Little did we boys realize, or even think of at the time, that seeing a girl carrying their books propped on their hip like a guy, would have appeared kinda “butch” to all others.  Yes, the hormones were stirring, and at that time, it seemed that only the boys were having that problem!  None of the girls EVER would let THAT secret out back then!  If we boys had only known!  

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