The Giant Red Christmas Bulb (Terminal Texas Christmas)

Written by John McElligott

Growing up we lived in Terminal Texas. From the time I was one until I was eleven years old, we lived in Terminal in the old Army barracks. Terminal (right off Highway 80 and in the middle of the Scarborough Ranch) was a fun, but challenging place, since we were 10 miles from Midland and 12 from Odessa, Texas.

Christmas was one of the best parts of being a McElligott. We would get a big tree every year to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. A few days before Christmas Eve, we would decorate the tree. It was always after dark so the lights could be lit and remain on until after New Year’s Day.

Decorating the tree was a family event, and we had all our miniature trains set up as well. My brother, Tom, still has the big gauge tract and large old engine and cars that were my father’s when he was a kid.

The tree was fully decorated with bulbs, icicles, candy canes, and angels with one giant angel on the top point of the tree. But mostly, we treasured the giant red bulb and who would get to hang it. Being the shortest kid was a bummer but nonetheless my mom would pick one of us to hang this beautiful red bulb. This tradition was the most memorable. I have always remembered that moment and I still cry!!

3 thoughts on “The Giant Red Christmas Bulb (Terminal Texas Christmas)

  1. Bob Ittner December 9, 2020 / 11:48 am

    Neat remembrance Doc!

  2. linda wofford December 9, 2020 / 6:49 pm

    Dr. John, I love this❤️❤️ So sweet😊😊

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  3. Bekki Welch December 14, 2020 / 6:45 pm

    Loved your story John. Reminds me of an ornament we had similar only it was a little red bird Christmas light that screwed into the string of lights. We all loved that little red bird. It finally got so old it burned out. Then my Mother put it in a little nest and fit it snug in the tree. After my Mother passed away, we going through things and found the little red bird and it literally fell into a million pieces. Now I have red birds on my Christmas tree.

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