The Boys at Candelaria Ranch

By John McElligott

Left to Right:

OB Jackson, Todd Southern, Johnny Jones, Mike Proctor, Joe Hurley, Bill Bearden, Rev Buck Necked (WG)

 This photograph was taken by me at one of the most memorable reunions at the Candelaria ranch. We were there to fish, but unfortunately, Harry Miller locked the gate and forgot to leave the key for Joe Hurley for the next morning.  Needless to say,  Bill Bearden and  WG were very upset to say the least. However, they did manage to get some fishing in while Todd  Southern and I were doing cannonballs off the rocks on the far side of the lake. This was the last gathering that Todd attended, but we will keep trying  to get him back in the fold again.

3 thoughts on “The Boys at Candelaria Ranch

  1. Anonymous March 8, 2021 / 9:26 am

    Those were the days and to this day we have not be able to put together another event other than the Bill Kasson (RIP) motocross event the next year. Now looking at the picture there are some very important like OB Jackson who invented the Jukebox you see on the Blog. Now Todd Southern what a highly sought after MHS student by many a beautiful student in the class of 64 due to his musical skills and his non stop happy personality. We try and try to call him but no answers anymore, but i will keep trying. JJones is not someone we can ever thank enough and will see as often as possible as long as we both are still alive. He is a none stop party guy and when ever we want a gathering is will sigh up no matter what the agenda. Mike Procter is a 64 MHS guy that became a famous military guy. Wish he would write a story since being X military I know he can type. Joe Hurley is famous and is spending the winter of his life taking care of family but answers the phone every time I call. His git up and go is not what it use to be by I will get Bill Cumbie out and go see Joe since they don’t live far apart and just did not know it. Bill Bardeen (RIP) is very much missed since he never missed a fishing trip (I don,t fish). Bill and the boys would fish and Rev Buck Necked (WG) would crab and drink beer all day until it was time to go buy some crab meat at the market.Then all the boys would rave about our crab cook and how it was the best ever. Never new it was bought down the street until now. Yep our Port Author TX was our biggest and best reunion ever and I never pick up a fishing pole. Hope Mike can send some more pictures.

    John ADA Juanito

  2. arvolbrown March 8, 2021 / 12:57 pm

    Here Ya GO…… NOW …. THIS IS THE REAL “SQUAD”….

  3. jmcelligottohswestcom March 12, 2021 / 8:40 am

    Yep Arovl and we need you to head up a new gathering soon before we all croak. John

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