Smile Because they Lived and Drank the Water in Midland

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Be glad you can remember these Midland friends and shed a tear knowing they are gone. Or be like some of us and smile because of the memory of their life. Memories come to some of us by closing our eyes and to some by a picture and also a written memory. All serve to remind us that they lived and we documented what they left.

Your heart may ache because you can’t see them but if you close your eyes think deeply of them you can often see them and that will make you smile. This smile keeps you happy so you can live another day and remember all the friends who we knew and who tasted the water in Midland Texas.

Please don’t turn your back on your memories. Some of us having been on Deaths Door step several times remember our friends and classmates and it keeps us going every day. 

So, smile and open your eyes.  Love and go on and remember what the water tasted like and tell us a story!

Inspired by the Rev Buck and all the RIP faces.

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