New Operating Room-Cross Clinic

Written by Dr. Gregory Bartha

A new operating room, or theater as it is called in Uganda, was opened and dedicated at the Cross Clinic on September 9 of this year (2021). The medical and administrative staff of the clinic, the District Health Officer, the District Commissioner, and other local officials were present.

The facility is well constructed and supplied. There are two operating beds, an anesthesia machine, sterilizer,oxygen, running water, and a prep room for the surgeons. There is a post op area and a dedicated nursing staff to care for the patients. It is the best equipped theater in the general area. The surgeons working there are graduates of Ugandan medical schools and are well trained. I have financially assisted several of these physicians in their medical education.

The local officials were very impressed with the new theater and indicated that they may give some financial support in the future though this is doubtful. Currently most of the surgeries performed are for hernias, hemorrhoids, abscesses, and superficial tumors. We hope to be able soon to perform hysterectomies, treatment for osteomyelitis and complicated bone fractures, and cataracts. These services will be of great benefit for people in a wide area. We also plan to invite surgeons from the U.S. to come and volunteer their services at the facility.

I will stress that the theater was largely funded by generous Midlanders in cooperation with 1st Presbyterian Church of Midland.

Tax Deductible Donations to support Dr. Bartha and the Cross Clinic can be mailed to:

First Presbyterian Church
800 West Texas St.
Midland, TX 79701
Please include: Dr. Bartha Uganda Fund in the memo.

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  1. John McElligott MHS 63 October 26, 2021 / 2:21 am

    Dr. John’s Medical will be setting up a donation program soon. We Water Drinkers are proud of you. I hope to Join you there soon. Dr John

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