One thought on “MHS Student Body 1963

  1. John McElligott AKA Juanito January 13, 2021 / 7:32 am

    Yes..I remember all especially Bill Wood who became one of the first contributors to the Blog. Bill has written several stories and is an advisor to the Water in Midland Career Development Fund. This will be coming out soon. Keep Bill in your thoughts and prayers. Bill has always been a winner and has helped us all since starting the blog 3 years ago.
    We have not heard from the other three but Wally lives a few doors down from Harry Miller, a founder/blogger (just can’t type). I will ask Harry to make a house call. The others are some impressive 4.0 students at MHS and we would love to get them involved. So give them a call please. Thanks Dianne for lending the pictures and we need more.

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