Memories of John Moore (RIP)

Written by Prissy Pense Moore

John often talked about running the concession stand out at the baseball fields.  Charles and Dr. John, if you can recall some of the stories about that time, maybe it will help me recall John’s stories and I can fill in with some of his memories.  Although I didn’t know the Moores during those early years, John often talked about how much he cherished the friendships of all the guys with which he played ball.

John used to talk often about going out into the field (beyond Midland Drive was undeveloped at that time.  He and his brothers (Charles and Eric) would take their 22’s with them and shoot jack rabbits.  He often bragged that they got so good at their marksmanship that they would only shoot their ears.  Only if they had holes in both ears could they kill them.  Because of his skills developed shooting jack rabbits he became one of the best marksmen when he served in the national guard.     

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