Bill Wood (RIP) MHS 1964

Written by John McElligott (MHS 1963)

Sadly, Bill Wood passed away Thursday, May 13, 20121. May he rest in peace.

Never have I been so attached to someone whom I grew up with, but had not seen since 1976 in Colorado City Texas. Bill was by then, living in Denton, Texas and we have not seen each other in over 50 yrs.  Bill’s wife was from Colorado City and I was working there as a PA for Root Memorial Hospital. I had up and left my 1st job at the University of Texas Medical Center Faculty. Bill had not changed a lick and was full of energy and as ambitious as always.

The call was made in 2019 to Bill’s office in Denton that my end-of-life dream project would like to include him as a founder of “What’s in The Water in Midland Texas”. Bill did not hesitate to join the group of MHS grads from 1955-to 1965 to tell our stories.

Bill was one of our most prolific writers. Bill became a different person in his later years, and he never said “No” to any request we made of him. We did talk about his battles with health issues, but he never acted like he would lose the war he was waging.

Bill will never be forgotten, and I hope all of you water drinkers will say a few words about Bill. I am sitting here with tears running down my face thinking why did I not get up and go see him when I had the chance. Hope fully we will meet again. I am a big believer in the afterlife. And if one person makes it there it will be Bill.

Read more stories written by Bill Wood here:

One thought on “Bill Wood (RIP) MHS 1964

  1. Linda Mills Wofford May 15, 2021 / 5:41 pm

    Bill was the epitome of what’s good in a human being! I’m so glad I got to reconnect with him in the last few years.
    I was so blessed to meet his beautiful wife, Terri, and his wonderfully accomplished children! They personified what Bill was all about – love, faith, strength, goodness, determination, kindness and all things good.
    I will miss Bill, and I will continue to pray for his family🙏 He left you a great legacy❤️
    Linda Mills Wofford
    LHS class of 1964

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