Rockets Glare

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By Mike Cornell

High above the rockets glare

The shells do burst their pretty glow

With their sounds my soul is bare

From their beauty their memories grow

With whistles and cracks the shells did fall

All alone, upon the ground

No where to go, no one to call

All alone, upon the ground

All alone, no place to go

Not a soul to share my space 

Upon the ground and laying low

In my arms I buried my face

Without relent, they continued to fall

One after another they shook the ground

No where to go, no one to call

With every one came the sound

Whistles and whines, that pierced the ears

A foreboding sign of other rounds

A time to wonder, a time to fear

And with it came the other sounds

Into the night sky the rockets do glow

To all the world, it is a show

In my mind I will always know

All alone, no where to go

One thought on “Rockets Glare

  1. John March 13, 2020 / 2:09 pm

    Mike Cornell was my Crew Chief on several Medivac flights our of Dong Ha Mag 16 Forward. Mike literally lived in his chopper and flew more hot missions than most in HMM 361. I feel fortunate that he can write what you see posted. Mike and John Noble will be mentioned more later .Just to mention as corpsman we never wrote crew members up for medals but Bill Yancey HM2 and I did when they all came back from Dong HA after September 3rd 1967.

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